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We now offer live streaming Pennsylvania Pre-Licensing classes to our students with a live instructors. Must be done on laptop, desktop, tablet, no cell phones. You can't be interrupted! 

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Pennsylvania Real Estate Broker Classes

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Real Estate Brokerage & Office Management

This is a 30 hour course that will cover leadership skills, office management styles, and many other topics. Upon completion of this course you will earn 2 credits toward your Real Estate Brokers education requirement.

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Real Estate Brokerage and Office Management
Real Estate Sales

Real Estate Broker License

To become a licensed broker in Pennsylvania one must:

• Be 21 years of age or older

• Complete 240 hours of education

• Download a Broker Examination Approval Application form, from the Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission

• Complete the application form and submit with fee, transcripts and summary of experience

• Await notification of application approval and authorization to sit for the Broker Examination

• Pass the Broker's Examination

Once this exam is passed, licensees may become Associate Brokers (working under the supervision of a broker of record or sole proprietor) or become a broker-of-record or a sole proprietor.

Education Requirements
A high school diploma or its equivalent is required.

College degrees are NOT applicable unless the degree major is real estate, or course work equivalent to a major in real estate, or a juris doctor degree.

Due to changes promulgated by the Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission, candidates for a Pennsylvania Broker's License must take:

Two (2) of their required 16 course credits in a Real Estate Brokerage course, and a minimum of two (2) more of the required 16 in a Real Estate Law course.

At least six (6) of the remaining 12 credits shall be in three or more of the broker approved courses listed below:

Real Estate Law 
Residential Property Management 
Real Estate Finance 
Residential Construction
Real Estate Investment 
Residential Construction 
Real Estate Brokerage 
Residential Property Management 
Construction Management
Basic Appraisal Principles

All other approved Broker courses are acceptable as "Elective" courses.

 Applicants must have completed three years as licensed salespersons before applying to become a broker.

During their experience as real estate salespersons, broker candidates are expected to have accumulated a minimum of 200 experience points. Generally, points are awarded for each transaction initiated and successfully completed by the candidate.

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How was Your Experience at Philadelphia

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