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Hope to see you at class. The Classes are Live Streaming with a live instructor. All my instructors are practicing real estate agents, so they will not be reading a book to you. Plus, you will get a Free coaching session on the business called Zero to Twenty Million in Production!, to get you a head start after you pass the test. Any questions give us a call 215 335 6919

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Philadelphia Real Estate Classes

Student Policy Statement


Students must be registered at least 2 business days prior to their class selection start date.  Students registering after this will be added as class availability allows and per Director of school decision. If you opt to pay the deposit of $150 to hold your place in class, full tuition payment will be due by the end of the second week of classes. 


Students will be charged $150 for any classes registered for but not canceled two business days in advance.  

From the date of registration up to two business days preceding the class(es) registered for, students have a right to receive a tuition refund minus a $75 cancellation fee per class. Alternatively, a student may transfer his payment *as a one-time courtesy* for the cancelled class to another class offered by the Philadelphia Real Estate Classes if:

• The student simultaneously registers for the new class at the time of cancellation, and:

• The newly selected class is offered within three (3) months from the date of cancellation, and:

• At the time of cancellation, the student pays the additional balance due (if any) for the new class.

No refund or credit will be issued to any student if:

• The student provides no notice of cancellation and/or does not attend the class registered for, and/or:

• The student’s notice of cancellation is not received by the school two business days preceding the class(es) registered for. It shall be the student’s responsibility to confirm timely receipt of cancellation, and/or:

• The student attends any portion of the course registered for.

• The class is relocated and the student chooses not to attend.

• The student did not attend the course the student was transferred to.

 All requests for cancellation, refund, or transfers must be made by email only at minimum two business days preceding the class(es) registered for.

Email to:
We do not accept phone call cancellations. 


• Student is responsible for ensuring that their learning device and equipment are working for class PRIOR to the start of class. The instructor is not responsible to provide assistance for device or internet issues.

• Student is to arrive before or on time for class. The Instructor reserves the right to not admit a student after class has started.

• Student is to pay attention and participate in class.

• Student is responsible to study outside the classroom setting by reading the class textbook, learning the vocabulary and concepts taught, and asking the instructor to explain questions/concepts you don’t understand upon returning to the next class.

• Student is responsible to respect all classmates and instructors.

• The Philadelphia Real Estate Classes reserves the right to remove any student deemed to be distributive from the program at any time per the instructor’s discretion. 

• Harassment of students and/or instructors will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate removal from the class. If the student is removed, there is no tuition refund.


The Philadelphia Real Estate Classes reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, or discontinue a course or education program at any time and for any reason.

The Philadelphia Real Estate Classes reserves the right to remove any student deemed to be distributive from the program at any timer per the instructor’s discretion with no tuition refund. 

Once issued, textbooks are not returnable, refundable, or exchangeable.

eBooks are not refundable once they have been accessed by the student. 


 As $75 surcharge shall apply for any returned check. 

Please remember that the Real Estate Commission requires 80% attendance for pre license and 90% CE. Instructors are required to monitor this. 

The Philadelphia Real Estate Classes reserves the right to record class sessions. Please note our policy is that texting and personal internet browsing is prohibited during class time.  This is in your best interest and the interest of your classmates.  Please turn your phone on silent and only leave the classroom briefly to handle important texts or calls. Philadelphia Real Estate Classes defers modification of this policy to the instructor at their discretion. 

Class materials may be emailed to you for some courses.  You may print them out or following along on your tablet/laptop if the instructor allows. 


Please do remember to check your email and spam mailboxes regularly and before coming to class as we may make important class announcements such as cancellations or send class materials to you. 

This policy only applies to courses that are required by the Commission to have exams. Grades will be “Pass” or “Fail” or “Incomplete” and will be given on the basis of results of the final examination, class participation, completion of assignments and attendance. A 75% is the minimum score required for passing the final examination.  Should you fail the exam, please contact the School as soon as possible to request a retake.  Incompletes are issued when a student doesn't meet the attendance requirement.  Incompletes may be resolved by making up class hours as soon as possible in a manner that is acceptable to the School and Instructor, at the Director’s discretion. 

Transcripts are normally distributed within business 1 week of class completion. Requirement to obtain your transcript are:

• Attendance totaling at least 80% for pre licensing and at least 90% for CE

• Passing final exams with at least a 75% score

• Confirmed full course tuition paid to The Philadelphia Real Estate Classes

We are not able to furnish transcripts for classes completed over 2 years ago. Transcripts are not issued for pre-licensing review courses. 


To the extent allowed by law, students agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Philadelphia Real Estate Classes its employees, instructors, or any other person against any and all claims, loss, damage, injury, cost (including court costs and any other legal fees), charges, liability or exposure, however caused, resulting from or arising out of or in any way connected with classes at Philadelphia Real Estate Classes.

Reason for Policy 

This policy clarifies and outlines responsibilities, to provide clear expectations for the students of Philadelphia Real Estate Classes, LLC.  

Consent  And Refresher Course 

If student wants to re take the course for free as a refresher , they must do it within 12 months of the completion date of the class they attended and was paid in full.  After that time frame the student will have to pay full price to re attend the course. 

By accessing our Service and/or enrolling in our classes, you accept the aforementioned “Policy and Procedure”.

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How was Your Experience at Philadelphia

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